Bam: Open Gov’t Offices to all Filipinos

Government shouldn’t discriminate. Its doors should be open to all Filipinos, rich or poor.
A senator wants all government agencies to eliminate dress code to allow more Filipinos to avail of services and allow them to participate in assemblies concerning their welfare, especially in legislative hearings and sessions.
In his Senate Bill No. 3089 or the Philippine Government Agency Open Door Act of 2015, Sen. Bam Aquino stressed that every Filipino should be permitted to participate in assemblies that affect them and their community, particularly legislative hearings and sessions.
“All Filipinos must be granted access to frontline services, especially from public offices,” he said.
However, needless dress code policies serve as barriers to many of our marginalized Filipinos and those from indigenous groups as they seek to become more participative and rightfully demand services.
“How can they raise their voice when they’re standing in the heat and behind cold walls? These are the countrymen we are called to serve,” said Sen. Bam, adding that it’s time to open government offices and be more considerate of our policies for all Filipinos, regardless of economic status.
The Philippine Government Agency Open Door Act of 2015 aims to mandate all government offices to accept entry to all Filipinos and to eliminate the dress code some agencies that are following.
“We are called to open the doors to those that have the least in our society, those we have the most to learn from, and those that we desperately need to hear,” Sen. Bam stressed.
“We have the opportunity and a duty to generate policies that contribute to a nation that is fair, just, and inclusive. We have a responsibility to create a Philippines where all Filipinos, even minorities and marginalized sectors can live free from discrimination,” he added.
Sen. Bam worked with poor communities on business projects as a social entrepreneur before becoming a senator in 2013.
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