Bam: Provide support for public school teachers

Senator Bam Aquino wants to make teaching in public schools attractive by providing teachers with additional support and incentives.

“We have enough budget to hire additional teachers but many of them find teaching in public schools unattractive because of inadequate pay, lack of benefits, and a poor working environment,” said Sen. Bam, chairman of the Committee on Education.

Sen. Bam made the pronouncement for World Teachers Day, capping off National Teachers Month.

 The senator is currently working on a bill that will provide teachers relocation allowance, hazard pay and health care insurance.

 “This is especially relevant for teachers in far flung areas,” said Sen. Bam.

As key to the success of our education reforms and national development, Sen. Bam said teachers should be given additional support and proper compensation for our teachers while they shape the country’s future.

 Aside from additional benefits for teachers, Sen. Bam also wants to improve the working environment of public school teachers by addressing backlogs in classrooms, improving facilities, and giving all public schools access to the internet and online educational materials.

 Recently, Sen. Bam filed Senate Bill No. 173 or the Free Education for Children of Public School Teachers Act.

 If passed into law, free education in state universities nationwide will be given to children of public school teachers in all levels, whether they want to pursue baccalaureate degrees or short-term training course.

According to the measure, the full subsidy program shall cover 100 percent of the tuition fee and other miscellaneous expenses necessary upon the enrollment of the student in a state college or university.

Sen. Bam also filed the Nurse in Every Public School Act or Senate Bill No. 663 to support our public school teachers that are burdened with duties on top of teaching, such as administrative work and even caring for sick students.

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