Empower Barangay Captains; Let them Administer Oath of the President in 2016 – Sen. Bam

Even your barangay captain can administer the oath of the president in 2016.

Aquino’s Senate Bill 2334 seeks to amend Chapter 1, Section 41 of Executive Order 292 to include barangay captains among officers who have general authority to administer oath.

“By empowering the Punong Barangay to administer oaths is an affirmation and recognition of its critical role in our society,” said Aquino.

“Aside from carrying out government programs and projects in the Barangay level, the Punong Barangay also serves as the leader and a source of legitimacy by its constituents,” the senator added.

If passed, barangay captains will join other officials who have the authority to administer oath, among them the President, Vice President, Members and Secretaries of Both Houses of Congress and Members of the Judiciary.

Under EO 292, other officials who have the power to administer oath are Members of the judiciary, department secretaries, governors, vice governors, city mayors, municipal mayors, bureau directors, regional directors, clerks of court; registrars of deeds and other civilian officers in the government whose appointments are vested in the President and are subject to confirmation by the Commission on Appointments.

Other constitutional officers, public attorney’s office (PAO) and notaries public are also empowered to administer oath.

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