Help Save Lives thru Social Media – Sen. Bam

As Metro Manila anticipates the strong landfall of Typhoon Ruby tonight, Senator Bam Aquino encourages netizens to use social media in mitigating disasters such as typhoons and other occurrences where many lives are at stake.



“Let us use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to aid in the efforts of rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts during calamities such as typhoons, earthquakes and armed conflicts,” said Aquino.



“We can harness the vast power of social media and the Internet to help save lives of fellow Filipinos who are in danger during calamities and other incidents,” the senator emphasized.



Aquino said netizens play a big role during calamities as they can help disseminate relevant news to others though social media, using the right hashtags to get the messages across.



“Let us share relevant information to our social media circles – storm signal warnings, emergency tips, monitoring of rescue operations, and call for volunteers for relief operations,” Aquino added.



“With the advanced technology that we have such as Internet-capable smartphones and cameras, we can play a big part in saving lives during these challenging times for our people,” the senator stressed.



Aquino also urges netizens to follow important agencies like Department of Social Welfare and Development, Philippine National Police, NDRRMC, PAGASA/DOST and news agencies on Twitter and Facebook for important updates during calamities.



Earlier, Aquino encouraged netizens to be more actively involved in the government’s campaign against illegal activities, saying social media has a key role in preventing and solving crimes.



“We can use the Internet in meaningful activities like helping the government in its quest to lessen, if not completely eradicate, crimes in our society,” the senator said.



Aquino said the arrest of policemen involved in the daring daytime robbery along EDSA would not have been possible if not for the brave netizen who posted the photo online.



Social media has been a good source of worthy causes, such as the finding of missing persons, reporting of unlawful incidents, lauding local heroism, and fund raising and volunteer recruitment for socio-civic projects.

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