Regime changer

No longer is the game of business an exclusive domain of the big, the swift, the strong or those close to the wielder of authority.
A new regime  where all – big or small, weak or strong, rich or poor, obscure or famous, favored or shunned – would have an equal opportunity to compete and succeed has just been established not only as  an executive policy of the current administration but by an operation of law.
This means the new operating principle and its general guidelines would have a long-term or permanent impact on the way business is conducted in the country.
This, would, in turn, foster investor confidence and translate into capital inflows for the country, leading to sustained economic growth and  national development.        
And so we join stakeholders, led by the Department of Justice, in welcoming  the long-awaited approval of the Philippine Competition Act, a landmark legislation that would level the playing field for all types of businesses.
In a statement, Justice Sec. Leila de Lima lauded Sen. Bam Aquino and Rep. Dakila Carlo Cua for their energy and dedication to work for the passage of the bill, which gathered dust for almost 25 years in the legislative mill.
Sen. Bam, chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce, and entrepreneurship, was the main author and sponsor of the measure, which is expected to be signed into law by President Aquino.
“The passage of this landmark measure materialized through the collective efforts of the Senate and House and the full support of private stakeholders,” Aquino said, adding that private stakeholders, such as the PCCI and the ECCP, were consulted in the crafting of the measure to ensure that the bill would be pro-business, pro-poor and pro-consumer.





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