Sen. Bam: Build trust before Cha-cha, pass anti-dynasty law

Senator Bam Aquino insisted that without the trust in the process and the people behind it, no Charter change will be accepted by the public.
“Kailangan ng tiwala ng taumbayan sa proseso at tiwala sa nagsasagawa ng proseso. How do we make sure na para ito sa tao at hindi para sa pulitiko,” Sen. Bam said during the Senate hearing on proposals to amend the 1987 Constitution.
As part of the confidence-building measure in the process, Sen. Bam suggested that an anti-dynasty law be first enacted ahead of moves to amend the 1987 Constitution.
“Intensified political dynasties, even warlordism in some areas might be a drawback of a federal form of government,” said Sen. Bam, emphasizing that passing an anti-dynasty law would enhance the public’s trust in the shift.
Former Chief Justice Reynato Puno agreed to Sen. Bam’s pronouncement, saying the existence of political dynasties is one problem that needs to be addressed by those pushing for federalism.
“As it is now, these political dynasties already possess so much power. If you go to federalism, you will not only be giving them so much power, but you will be giving them sovereign powers, and that is a no-no,” said Puno.
Earlier, Sen. Bam objected to the House’s move to convene Congress into a Constituent Assembly.
Sen. Bam issued the statement after the House approved Resolution No. 9, which seeks to convene Congress into a Constituent Assembly that will introduce changes in the Charter.
The Senator believes that a process as important as a Constitutional Change cannot be rushed and proposed that if ever a change will be done, a Constitutional Convention process would be more acceptable to the people than a Constituent Assembly composed of politicians.
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