Sen. Bam: Help Agri Workers Affected by Storm

Senator Bam Aquino calls on the government to provide temporary livelihood to agriculture workers, especially coconut farmers, who lost their main source of income to super typhoon Yolanda.

The senator said majority of workers who lost their livelihood are involved in agriculture, which is the primary source of income in Leyte and other provinces destroyed by the storm.

“Around four million workers lost their jobs because of Yolanda. More than half of them are fishermen, farmers and coconut workers,” Sen. Aquino said.

The coconut industry suffered the biggest devastation as more than 2.5 million coconut trees were brought down in Eastern Samar and Leyte.

“Even if there were some trees left, our coconut farmers will still not be able to benefit from them immediately. According to studies, coconut trees that were shaken up by a storm will bear fruit after one year,” the senator explained.

Sen. Aquino added that rice farmers were also affected by the storm as Yolanda hit during the start of the planting season, leaving them with nothing for the harvest season.

“Our fishermen also suffered heavy losses because their fishing boats and other equipment were damaged by the storm,” he added.

With the widespread devastation, Sen. Aquino said it will take some time for the agriculture sector to fully recover.

In the meantime, the senator underscores the need to give agriculture workers other sources of income to help them and their families survive.

One of the possible forms of assistance the government can give them is to engage them in livelihood opportunities immediately.

Aside from this, the government can give them the needed capital to start up some micro enterprises.

The senator added that the government can prioritize farm workers in “food-for-work” efforts, to help them more quickly get back on their feet.

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