Sen. Bam to join ‘The Resistance’, genuine opposition slate

Senator Bam Aquino insisted that he will join a genuine opposition slate for the 2019 midterm elections, saying the country needs a coalition that is willing to dissent and oppose government policies that are not helpful or even detrimental to the Filipino people.
In a television interview, Sen. Bam clarified that he has never spoken to Sen. Koko Pimentel about PDP-Laban or Mayor Sara Duterte about Hugpong ng Pagbabago. 
“In 2019, hindi lang ‘The Force’ kailangan, we need ‘The Resistance’ – a genuine opposition slate. Kailangan ng mga taong magsasama-sama, magtutulong-tulong para labanan ang polisiya ng administrasyon na nakakasakit sa tao. You will find me on that slate,” said Sen. Bam.
“You need a slate that’s independent from PDP-Laban, that’s willing to oppose, willing to stand up even if it’s unpopular, and even when it’s dangerous. Kailangan natin ng oposisyon para sa ating demokrasya,” the senator added.
Sen. Bam said the Liberal Party (LP) will join the coalition slate, which will be made up of people willing to speak out and stand up against Malacanang’s policies that may be damaging to the people.
“The people willing to answer the call should join forces,” Sen. Bam pointed out.
Sen. Bam also stressed the importance for the 2019 elections to push through to show the true sentiment of the people.
“Let’s fight any no-election scenario that might be in the works,” Sen. Bam said.
However, Sen. Bam said it’s too early to talk about politics, saying the country is facing problems that need to be addressed immediately.
“Mas maraming isyu na dapat pag-usapan ngayon kaysa sa pulitika at eleksiyon, na isang taon pa bago mangyari,” said Sen. Bam.
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