Sen. Bam renews call to eliminate corruption in Port of Manila

Senator Bam Aquino reiterated his call to concerned authorities to eliminate corruption, extortion and other illegal activities in and around Port of Manila as they contribute to congestion, traffic and high prices of goods.

“If we’re going to fix this, we should do it completely and we should solve the issues for the long-term,” said Aquino, chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

“We should get rid of illegal activities such as extortion because they hamper the delivery of goods and contribute to the increase in prices of goods and services,” he added.

The senator said the government should apply the full force of the law against corrupt individuals who hamper port operations through their illegal activities.

“The government must show that it means business by going hard against these individuals who are making a living through illegal means,” he said.

Aquino renewed his pronouncement after Malacanang noticed that extortion activities in and around the port contributes to port congestion.

The senator made the same call during the first Senate hearing on port congestion where stakeholders complained about the “along the way” fees being collected by unscrupulous individuals.

“While decongesting our port is the main priority, concerned government agencies must also look at other factors that contribute to this problem, like corruption,” he said.

Aquino said extortion and corruption contribute to inefficiency, delaying the processing and delivery of shipments and discouraging truckers and shipping companies from fulfilling their obligation.

“Ultimately, the consumers will bear the full brunt of this because shipping companies will pass on to them their additional losses,” Aquino said.

The lawmaker also encouraged victims to come forward and file a case or complaint against those behind these illegal activities.

“We need the cooperation of everyone to combat corruption. As they say, evil will prevail if good men do nothing,” Aquino stressed.

The senator said complaints can be coursed through the WASAK or Walang Asenso sa Kotong Hotline (16565 and 0908-8816565) where entrepreneurs can air complaints against public officials.

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