Sen. Bam: Senate will not be pressured by lower chamber

As an independent institution, Sen. Bam Aquino declared that the Senate will not succumb to the pressure from the House of Representatives, which plans to hold a Constituent Assembly as mode to amend the 1987 Constitution even without the Upper Chamber’s participation.
“We will not be pressured by the Lower Chamber. The Senate believes that this is a critical reform that must go through the right process,” said Sen. Bam.
“Dadaan kami sa naaayon na proseso at panahon na bumabagay sa kahalagahan pagbabago sa Saligang Batas,,” assured Sen. Bam.
Earlier, the House approved Resolution No. 9, which seeks to convene Congress into a Constituent Assembly that will introduce changes in the Charter.
The House wants to submit a new federal charter for a referendum simultaneously with the scheduled Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections this May.
However, Sen. Bam said the Senate will not give in to the House’s timetable, saying a process as important as Charter change should go through the right process.
Sen. Bam added that the Senate will make sure that there will be a massive information dissemination to educate the public about Charter change and allow them to participate in discussions, debates and crafting of the necessary amendments to the 1987 Constitution.
“Tungkulin namin na ang anumang prosesong pagdadaanan ay para sa taumbayan at hindi lamang para sa mga politiko” Sen. Bam pointed out.
In Wednesday’s Senate hearing on proposals to amend the 1987 Constitution, Sen. Bam emphasized the need for trust-building measures, including the passage of an anti-dynasty law, before amending the Charter.
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