Sen. Bam to Private Companies: Jobs for Yolanda Survivors

Senator Bam Aquino urges private companies to adopt survivors of super typhoon Yolanda as workers and employees.

The lawmaker particularly mentioned malls, fastfood chains, restaurants and other businesses that have branches Leyte and other parts of Visayas that were devastated by the typhoon.

“For example, a fastfood chain can employ workers from its branch in Leyte and transfer them to other branches so that they will have a continuing source of livelihood,” said Aquino.

For the lawmaker, the hiring of additional workers is timely for companies involved in the service and manufacturing industries because of the start of the peak season during Christmas.

Sen. Bam is convinced that the move will help Yolanda survivors more quickly get back on their feet.

“For those whom we have already successfully evacuated and provided relief, the provision of jobs is the next important step, so we can help survivors recover from this tragedy,” he added.

Aside from employment, Sen. Aquino said private companies could take it a notch further and help Yolanda victims by offering temporary shelter while working.

A Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) report said four million workers have lost their livelihood due to typhoon Yolanda.

The labor department has started an emergency employment program that will tap typhoon survivors to help in the rehabilitation and repair of areas devastated by Yolanda.

“We welcome this program, as this will definitely help survivors for both rehabilitation and livelihood. We hope this paves the way for government to implement more long-term and sustainable solutions in response to this crisis,” the lawmaker said.

Photo by Erik de Castro, Reuters

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