Senate Bill No. 173: Free Education for Public School Teacher’s Children Act

Who would appreciate the great value of education more than the very people who have dedicated their lives to teaching in our public schools?

Many of our public school teachers sacrifice higher paying jobs and more comfortable working environments to answer their calling of educating those from less fortunate families. Their act of public service is invaluable to the lives of their students and molding the future of our country.

But as they fulfill their vocation in the field of education, they too struggle to afford the tuition fees to send their own children to school. With the meager salaries of public school teachers, paying for a college education comes as a heavy burden.

To unburden our modern-day heroes and to promote the value of education and becoming an educator, this bill endeavors to provide full tuition subsidies available in all State Universities and Colleges in the Philippines for the children of public school teachers.

This measure is in line with our efforts to improve access to quality education for every young Filipino and sends the message that becoming an educator within our public school system is a dignified vocation worthy of special benefits from the State.

Let’s continue to support and reward citizens who take part in nation-building and creating a brighter future for the next generation of young Filipinos.

In view of the foregoing, the approval of this bill is earnestly sought.






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