Senate Bill No. 647: Sustainable Transport Network Act

The development of transportation infrastructure is pivotal to the growth of the nation. Wealth and opportunities ply through roads connecting communities, on board vehicles that bear the riches of our land. But it’s not without its own consequences. The development derived from every road built also spurs the demand for more vehicles. And when road networks reach their carrying capacities, when they become congested, expedient and convenient transportation is stunted and the emission from motorized vehicles amplify health and environmental hazards.

The State must endeavor to reverse this trend by balancing the demand for transportation and for healthy and livable communities for all. Transportation must be made sustainable. The State must endeavor the reduction of emissions, and the maximization of alternate modes of transportation with little to no harmful impact on our health and the environment.

This measure seeks to develop a National Sustainable Mobility Network Plan through the Department of Transportation and Communication that shall guide LGUs in developing a local version of this plan in coordination with the Local Bikeways Office to be established in all LGUs, creating facilities and programs that shall prioritize and endorse the shift to the use of non-motorized vehicles, public transportation, and intermodal transportation involving both.

Further, programs contained herein are designed to set the tone of for immediate and long-term government support for users of non-motorized transporCation, and encourage private sector participation in the goals of this measure.

It is high that we revisit State policy towards transportation, and for us to champion the new paradigm in the movement of people and things: “Those that have less in wheels must have more in roads.”

In view of the foregoing, the early approval of this bill is earnestly sought.


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