Senate Bill No. 654: Tax Exemption Act for All Donations, Grants or Gifts to Non-Stock and Non-Profit Educational Inst.

The quest to improve the quality of education and improve the facilities of our schools and institutions is a collective effort that drav\/s like-minded advocates from government, civil society, and the private sector.

In many cases, the non-government sector is enthusiastic to assist the development of education in the Philippines with the hope that the next generation of well-educated Filipinos hold the key to leveling up the country and finally putting an end to longstanding issues that have plagued our nation, such as hunger, poverty, public transport, and even the patronage system that is entrenched in our culture.

It is our responsibility to encourage this enthusiasm and incentivize donations to non-stock and non-profit educational institutions in order to further our cause for improved education and educational facilities across the country.

While non-stock and non-profit educational institutions benefit from tax exemptions, donors aren’t granted similar incentives. This measure extends tax exemptions to donors, mandating that all contributions to non-stock and non-profit educational institutions be tax-exempt and deductible from their taxable income.

Through this bill, citizens with a heart for education can opt to donate hard-earned money, property, or other assets to the cause of education in lieu of contributing tax payments to the State.

Let’s embolden Filipinos to take a more active role in nation-building and have a choice in who benefits from their contributions. Together, all sectors of society can further the cause of quality education in the Philippines and produce intelligent, skillful, and conscientious young Filipinos.

In view of the foregoing, the approval of this bill is earnestly sought.


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