Senate Bill No. 655: Philippine High School for Sports Act

The development of grassroots sports in the country has long been overdue. In order to be able to compete internationally on a sustained level in the different sports, a basic education program is needed that is focused and specialized for the youth who have the gifts and potential.

While many of our students have proved their excellence in mathematics, science, languages, and other subjects, we have also seen many young Filipinos who have achieved excellence through sports.

Our young athletes have paved their own roads to victory and international acclaim. Our country is home to world champions in boxing, bowling, swimming, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, shooting, and wushu, among others.

We have the opportunity to support young athletes and provide them valuable education along with quality sports training through the passing of the Philippine High School for Sports (PHSS) Bill.

The PHSS will offer, on a scholarship basis, a secondary course with special emphasis on developing the athletic skills o f the students through subjects pertaining to physical education and sports development.

It will then enable student-athletes to gain their secondary education while ensuring opportunities for their training, exposure and participation to sports competitions.

For a sports-loving nation like the Philippines, it is apt that an establishment of a high school for sports where the future Gilas and Azkals are honed, and future Paeng Nepomucenos and Eric Buhains are developed.

In view of the foregoing, immediate approval of this bill is earnestly sought. 


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