Senate Bill No. 662: Fare Discount for Students Act

In many areas of the country, particularly in rural towns, students must walk up to five kilometers each way to get to school. A daily tricycle ride, the only alternative, would be too costly. However, with our climate that brings either torrential rains or, extreme heat, the long and arduous walk sometimes spells the difference between pursuing and halting one’s education.

To give all Filipino students an equal opportunity to an excellent education, this bill proposes to strengthen the mandate for student discounts on transport fares. Under this act, students with valid proof of enrolment to an educational institution must be granted a 20% discount on all land, water and air transportation all throughout the year.

Additionally, this bill seeks to impose stricter penalties for transport providers who do not honor student fares with the help of a hotline through which complaints may be coursed.

Through this mandate, our most underprivileged students stand to benefit from reasonable transportation costs that will be applicable even on weekends and holidays during which students often have extra-curricular activities related to enriching their education.

The inclusion of air and sea transportation will facilitate students’ access to learning not only in the classroom but also around the Philippine islands, across our region, and beyond.

In view thereof the passage of this bill is earnestly requested.


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