Senate Bill No. 674: Expanded Senior Citizens Act

Our Filipino senior citizens have contributed immensely to the growth and progress of the country. As they reach the twilight of their lives, it is our responsibility as a society to ensure their rights and privileges, and that proper accommodation is given to them.

To further embolden RA 7432, the Senior Citizens Act of 2015 seeks to institutionalize the National Commission foe Senior Citizens (NCSC), which shall have the best interests of our country’s seniors at heart.

As a national agency, the NCSC will formulate and implement policies, plans, and programs that promote senior rights and privileges or address issues plaguing the sector.

With sectors such as the youth, women, and persons with disabilities having a specialized body catering to their constituents, it is about time that our Filipino seniors are awarded their own commission as well to ensure that no Filipino gets left behind.

In view of the foregoing, the approval of this bill is earnestly sought.


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