Senate Bill No. 676: Safer Internet Day (SID) Act

The Internet has been integrated into the daily lives of billions around the world, with the Philippines ranked 16thout of 196 nations in 2014 with over 39 million local Internet users1.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, families here and abroad stay connected, news is readily available, our disaster preparedness has improved, and the business landscape is forever changed.

This bill calls for the celebration of National Safer Internet Day to acknowledge both the challenges and opportunities brought forth by this technology that has been integrated in the lives of families, communities and the country.

Through the celebration of National Safer Internet Day, the public would be made aware of the importance of creating a safe, secure and favorable online environment.

The Internet exposes the public to a wealth of information and varying perceptions. The lack of safeguards and controls on the web has allowed cyber abuses never before thought of.

What’s more, the Internet is con.stantly growing and changing. We are only beginning to understand its implications and tap into its capabilities.

National Safer Internet Day should be an annual reminder of our responsibilities as patrons of the Internet.

Beyond this, it is also a venue to discuss the constantly changing landscape of the World Wide Web and discover how best to maximize the ever-expanding online realm.

In view of the foregoing, the approval of this bill is earnestly sought.


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