Senate Bill No. 690: Magna Carta of the Poor

The country’s economic performance in recent years has been impressive and unprecedented. Its 7.2% GDP growth in 2013 was the highest in Asia earning the country improved investment grades. Its economic climate is now attractive, viable and profitable for investors to come in – doing business has become more fun in the Philippines.

Despite the accomplishments of the country, it still does face a myriad of challenges – around three million Filipinos do not have jobs and a fifth of the populace is poor.

The daunting task for the State is how to capitalize on its outstanding growth, the critically acclaimed reform efforts and the renewed global confidence, in order to make growth more inclusive and felt by all of the one hundred million Filipinos.

In the midst of this economic progress, it is essential for the State to craft policies so that every Filipino family is recognized regardless of the socio-economic status of its members, and to take care and provide for their needs.

The proposed measure thus seeks to ensure the protection and promotion of five basic rights of every Filipino: the right to food, employment, quality education, shelter and basic health care. It supports the creation of a just and dynamic environment where prosperity is shared through provision of adequate social services and enabling a rising standard of living and improved quality of life for everyone.

As the Philippines grows, no filipino should be left behind. 

In view of the foregoing, immediate approval of this bill is earnestly sought. 


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