Senate Bill No. 917: Filipino Identification System Act

A list of of valid IDs in the Philippines enumerates 33 different forms of identification that are obtained from various government agencies. Often, a different form of identification will be required of a Filipino citizen depending on the service or government agency involved. The bureaucracy, red tape, and wasted time involved in procuring and releasing each different form of identification is economically inefficient for both the government and its citizens. This also hinders the timely delivery of public services to ordinary Filipinos who bear the opportunity cost of applying and waiting for their IDs.

The proliferation of various forms of government identification obtained separately from different agencies also makes the government identification systems vulnerable to discrepancies and identity fraud.

If we are to continue our pursuit to provide high quality social services to all Filipinos in an effective and timely manner, we must take the necessary steps in unifying the identification system which will allow us to have better control and more efficient interaction between citizens and the government.

This bill seeks to establish a unified Filipino Identification System, to be implemented by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). The PSA will manage the Filipino Citizen Registry – a master database of all registered Filipinos. Every Filipino citizen, including those born or residing overseas, will be assigned a unique Common Reference Number at birth and will only be required to renew this ID upon reaching the age of majority and again upon reaching the age of 60. This ID shall be used as the sole required identification in any government transaction and will be provided free of charge as part of the government’s social responsibility.

In pursuing a national identification system, Filipinos will have a more efficient experience with government transactions and the government will benefit from a thorough database of information on Filipino citizens. This will also pave the way to more effective ways of delivering government services such as anti-poverty programs and other social services to improve the quality of life for all.

In view of the foregoing and to ascertain our commitment to the Filipino people, the approval of this bill is earnestly sought.


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