Statement of Opposition Senators Aquino, Drilon, Hontiveros, Pangilinan, and Trillanes on De Lima’s Award

We warmly congratulate Sen. Leila de Lima for being named by Foreign Policy as one of 2017’s leading Global Thinkers. FP could not have bestowed this award on a more deserving public servant. 
Sen. Leila’s dedication to the cause of justice and human rights in the country, especially where it concerns the brutal war on drugs that has taken thousands of lives in the span of a year, has not gone unnoticed. 
Her steadfast convictions have captured the interest of people all over the world and have started a global conversation that throws into sharp focus the dangers and abuses happening under this administration’s ruthless anti-drug campaign. 
Despite her detention, she remains true to her principles, and is resolute and unwavering in her beliefs. Sen. Leila’s continued battle gives hope and courage to those who feel helpless amid the rampant injustices in our society. 
We are proud to have such an indomitable spirit among our ranks, and we will stand by her as she carries on with her campaign against injustice and human rights abuses in our country. 
This award serves as a reminder to all of us that you can never put a strong woman down, much less one who sides with truth.
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