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Sen. Bam Aquino pushes ‘Bawas Presyo Bill’ amid rising gas prices

Sen. Bam Aquino urged the government to address the rising prices of goods, especially that of petroleum products, by supporting the passage of his measure dubbed as “Bawas Presyo Bill.”
“Huwag na patagalin pa ang paghihirap ng ating mga kababayan. May magagawa tayo para maibsan ang pagtaas ng presyo,” said Sen. Bam, one of four senators who voted against the ratification of the TRAIN Law.
“Simplehan lang po natin. Taas presyo ang problema, bawas presyo ang solusyon. Kailangang ipasa na ang Bawas Presyo Bill sa lalong madaling panahon,” added Sen. Bam, referring to his Senate Bill No. 1798.
Sen. Bam’s measure seeks to suspend the excise tax on fuel under the TRAIN Law when the average inflation rate surpasses the annual inflation target over a three-month period.
According to Sen. Bam, the government cannot escape the fact that its tax reform program, particularly the excise tax on fuel under the TRAIN Law, has led to the increase in prices of goods and services and the rise in inflation rate.
He added that under the TRAIN Law, another increase in the excise tax on fuel is scheduled for January 2019.
“Huwag naman natin hayaan na itaas pa ng gobyerno ang presyo ng petrolyo habang nalulunod ang mga pamilya sa gastos,” urged Sen. Bam.
Sen. Bam also urged Congress to prioritize the suspension and rollback of excise tax under the TRAIN Law, instead of focusing on the passage of TRAIN 2.

Bam seeks to stop ‘Endo’

In a move to strengthen the rights of workers and promote security of tenure, a senator filed a measure that seeks to end the unjust “Endo” (end contract) practice in the country.

 On Thursday, Sen. Bam Aquino filed the End Endo Act, amending Sections 106 to 109 of the Presidential Decree No. 442 or the Labor Code of the Philippines.

 It will put a stop to fixed term employment or hiring of workers based on a limited and fixed period without regularization so more Filipinos are assured of job security and steady compensation.

 Employers are also limited from contracting or subcontracting more than 20 percent of their total workforce.

 The End Endo Act will further professionalize the service contracting industry by prohibiting labor-only contracting and establishing industry standards.

 It will also guarantee contracted workers of reasonable compensation even in between assignments through a Transition Support Program.

 “If approved, tapos na ang nakasanayang 50 o 100 percent ng workforce ay contracted o subcontracted,” said Sen. Bam.

 In addition, the measure requires the mandatory posting of bond that will serve as a safeguard for the employee’s claims in case of violation by the contractor or subcontractor.

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