Choi Kyung-jin

Bam: Nasaan ang pera at sino ang nakinabang?

Where’s the money and who benefited from it?

 Sen. Bam Aquino wants these questions answered when the Senate resumes its hearing on the “tokhang for ransom” incident involving the kidnap-slay of a South Korean businessman on Thursday (Feb. 2).

“Hindi namin na-tackle iyan pero tatalakayin natin iyan sa next hearing. The committee should get to the bottom of this,” said Sen. Bam.

 Choi Kyung-jin, wife of South Korean businessman Ick-joo Jee, claimed she gave P5 million ransom to the kidnappers last October 31, 2016.

“There was a statement from the PNP na nagkabayaran sa mall pero hindi nila na-monitor kasi ginawa ng pamilya na hindi nagsabi sa kapulisan,” said Sen. Bam.

 Sen. Bam also urged Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa to also focus on weeding out the bad elements in the organization, saying they undermine the government’s war against illegal drugs.

 During the hearing, Dela Rosa mentioned that the PNP has 893 pending administrative cases against erring policemen while 228 were already resolved.

 “The PNP must focus on cleaning up their ranks even more than the drug war. If they don’t clean up, their efforts will be futile because more of these bad elements in the PNP will take advantage of the current landscape,” Sen. Bam said.

 Aside from being worrisome, Sen. Bam stressed that reports of abuses shakes the foundation of the administration’s war against illegal drugs.

 The lawmaker said punishing those involved in the kidnapping and murder of the South Korean will help restore the public trust on the PNP.

 “Sa kasong ito, malinaw na ang mga personalities involved. Ang kailangan na lang alamin ay ang accountabilities at actions. Baka kahit papano, with a speedy resolution, mabalik nang kaunti ang tiwala,” Sen. Bam pointed out.

 Meanwhile, Sen. Bam revealed that the wife of the slain South Korean will not leave the leaving the country until justice is served over the abduction and murder of her husband.

 During a talk with the widow, Sen. Bam said Choi Kyung-jin expressed intent in staying in the country until her husband’s murder is resolved.

“She said she will stay in the Philippines and wait until justice is served for her husband. Palagay ko po (I believe) we owe it to her… to come to the conclusion of this case as soon as possible,” Aquino said.


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