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Sen. Bam Lauds Brave Netizen Behind ‘Hulidap’ Photo, Urges Others to be Vigilant

Senator Bam Aquino lauded the bravery and vigilance of a netizen who took and posted a photo of several police officers in the act of robbing and abducting two employees of a businessman in broad daylight along EDSA.

“If not for the bravery and vigilance of this unidentified netizen, the police officers involved could have gotten away scot-free,” said Aquino even as he urged other netizens to be more actively involved in the government’s campaign against illegal activities.

“We have to harness the vast power of the Internet by using it in meaningful activities like helping the government in its quest to lessen, if not completely eradicate, crimes in our society,” the senator said.

Aquino said the recent arrest of several police officers involved in kidnapping and extortion activities with the help of social media proves that Internet has a key role in preventing and solving crimes.

 “With the advanced technology that we have such as Internet-capable smartphones and cameras, we can play a big part in keeping our streets safe,” the senator stressed.

Aquino added the arrest of the rogue police officers might serve as warning to other criminals that they cannot get away with their illegal activities with the help of concerned netizens.

“That’s why I enjoin all netizens to be more vigilant as crime may happen anytime and anywhere,” he added.

Police have so far tagged 12 suspects in the controversial heist. Two policemen, PO2 Jonathan Rodriguez and Chief Inspector Joseph De Vera, were already arrested while Senior Inspector Alan Emlano surrendered.

 Aside from crime prevention, Aquino said social media sites could also be used in other activities such as fund-raising for sick people and raising funds for worthwhile projects.

“The Internet has a lot of unlimited potential that, if tapped for a worthy cause, can make a difference in our society,” Aquino said.

 Last month, the Office of Senator Bam Aquino and the Civil Service Commission (CSC) launched a hotline — dubbed as WASAK or Walang Asenso sa Kotong — that will cater to business-related complaints.

Micro, small and medium (MSMEs) businessmen in the country can air grievances and other issues against erring government officials through hotline numbers 16565 and 0908-8816565. 

Sen. Bam, Gov’t Agencies, Private Groups Set Up MSMEs Hotline vs. Graft and Corruption


The days of corrupt government officials and employees are now numbered through hotline numbers 16565 and 0908-8816565.

The Office of Senator Bam Aquino (OSBA) and concerned government agencies and private groups have joined forces to form WASAK or the “Walang Asenso sa Kotong” campaign where small businessmen can air their complaints and other issues against government agencies.

“Our office’s main advocacy is to fight poverty and unemployment through entrepreneurship. However, our small businesses have become milking cows for crooked government employees and private individuals,” said Aquino, chairman of the Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

The launching of the hotline was held at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in Quezon City.  It was attended bySen. Aquino, CSC Chair Francis Duque and COO Donald Dee of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Other partners of the campaign include the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), and the National Competiveness Council (NCC).

“This hotline gives the micro and small entrepreneurs an avenue to air their complaints and other issues against illegal practices such as graft and corruption, red tape and extortion that are detrimental to their growth,” the senator added.

Aquino said graft and corruption in government must stop because it drives away potential entrepreneurs and other investors and prevents existing businesses from expanding.

The CCB is a platform for citizens to forward their complaints on red tape, kotong and tongpats, and under-the-table incidents through text messages, email and phone calls.

“The hotline also provides an avenue where complaints and issues are resolved in an effective and timely manner. Now, entrepreneurs have a dependable ally in Wasak,” stressed Aquino.

Wasak also seeks to provide developmental advice for micro and small entrepreneurs regarding product development, marketing, business growth and financial management.


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