Sen. Bam: Competition law to help Duterte improve PH Internet

A senator believes that presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte can improve the state of country’s Internet with the help of the Philippine Competition Act, which will encourage the entry of more players in the telecommunications industry.

 Sen. Bam Aquino expressed elation over Duterte’s pronouncement that he will encourage the entry of competition if local telecommunication players fail to improve quality of the country’s Internet.

 “We are confident that the Philippine Competition Act, a law we passed last year, through the Philippine Competition Commission, will usher in such competition for the benefit of Filipino consumers for the long term,” said Sen. Bam, principal sponsor and co-author of Republic Act 10667 or the Philippine Competition Act

 Sen. Bam said more players in the telecommunications industry will create competition in the market, which, in turn will result to improved service at affordable prices for consumers.

 It took 25 years before Congress finally enacted the Philippine Competition Act into law and it happened under Sen. Bam’s watch as chairman of the Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

 The Philippine Competition Act will help sustain the country’s ever-growing economy and ensure a climate that provides a level-playing field for all businesses.

 “We will continue to develop and push policies to provide the public access to quicker and more affordable Internet services,” added Sen. Bam, who spearheaded several hearings on the slow and expensive Internet service in the country.

 Meanwhile, Sen. Bam also lauded President Aquino’s approval of the creation of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) into law.

 “After last year’s hearings to investigate the country’s slow and expensive internet, we are finally seeing progress in our quest for improvement of internet services in the Philippines,” Sen. Bam said.

 On March 2015, Sen. Bam filed Senate Bill 1091 or the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom, which proposed the establishment of a DICT

 “We are happy to learn that RA 10844, an act creating the DICT, was signed into law this week,” said Sen. Bam.

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