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Sen. Bam on indictment of former President Aquino over Mamasapano

We are confident that former President Aquino will sufficiently answer the charges laid before him and be vindicated.

During the concluded Senate investigations, the former President was candid and transparent with his role and involvement in the Mamasapano tragedy.

We hope that this case will be an opportunity for the courts to reveal the truth and, once and for all, settle this incident in accordance with the rule of law.

P-Noy Thanks ‘Kuya Bam’ for PH Competition Law

President Benigno Aquino III thanked Sen. Bam Aquino for his efforts to pass two crucial legislative measures that will further sustain the country’s economic growth and boost the government’s inclusive growth agenda.

In his speech, the Chief Executive lauded Sen. Aquino, whom he playfully referred to as “Kuya Bam”,  for working for the passage of the Philippine Competition Law and the Foreign Ships Co-Loading Act, now known as Republic Act 10667 and 10668, respectively.

The measures were signed by the Chief Executive during a ceremony at Malacanang Palace today (July 21).

“Partikular po nating pinasasalamatan, unahin ko na po, pasensiya na po kayo, ‘yung kuya ko si Bam Aquino, at ang marami pang ibang sponsor at may-akda ng dalawang batas na ito,” President Aquino said in his speech.

The President said the Philippine Competition Act, which took almost 25 years to pass into law, would help sustain the country’s ever-growing economy and ensure a climate that provides a level-playing field for all businesses.

“Sa pamamagitan ng dalawang panukalang batas na pinagtibay natin sa araw na ito, tinatanggal natin ang mga baluktot na kalakarang dulot ng kawalan ng kumpetisyon, na walang nadadalang pakinabang sa ating mamamayan,” said the Chief Executive.

The President also stressed the importance of the Foreign Ships Co-Loading Act, saying that it will lead to lower prices of logistics and lower prices of goods for consumers

“Sa mga amyenda po ninyo, malayang makakapagkalakal ang mga banyagang barko ng kanilang imported at exported na kargamento sa kanilang napiling port of destination. Dahil dito, mapapadali at mapapamura ang export at import ng mga produkto, na magbubunsod ng mas masiglang merkado,” he said.

“Sa pinagtibay nating Philippine Competition Act at Liberalization of Philippine Cabotage, ang pagbabagong tinatamasa natin ngayon ay magpapatuloy hanggang sa mga susunod pang henerasyon,” the Chief Executive stressed.

The Philippine Competition Act levels the playing field for all businesses by penalizing anti-competitive agreements and abuses of dominant players, aside from eliminating cartels.

Under the law, a Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) will be established with the Chief Executive appointing a chairperson, four commissioners and an executive director.

As an independent quasi-judicial body, the PCC will look into anti-competitive behaviors, abuses in dominant positions, and anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions.

The Foreign Ships Co-Loading Act allows foreign ships carrying imported cargoes and cargoes to be exported out of the country to dock in multiple ports.

With the approval of these two measures, Sen. Bam now has four laws to his credit. Last year, the President approved the Go Negosyo Act and the Philippine Lemon Law.

Support P-Noy’s Push for Reforms – Sen. Bam


“We are in the fourth quarter. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball and not be distracted by criticisms.”

 A senator aired this call as he rallies the nation to support President Aquino’s plans, programs and reforms in his remaining 700 days in office.

 “We are in the last quarter of the game so to speak, the President needs all the support he can get. Let’s help him accomplish his mission before his term ends,” said Senator Bam Aquino.

 The senator believes that President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) should be regarded as a call for healing and unity as his administration approaches the homestretch.

“We all know that the President is candid and he will speak his mind about issues that affect his bosses. This time, he wants everybody to set aside bickering and unite for the country’s good,” said Aquino.

 The senator also hailed the achievements laid down by the President during the SONA, especially in terms of economic growth, employment generation and poverty incidence reduction.

During the SONA, the Chief Executive mentioned the record drop in the country’s poverty incidence from 27.9 percent in the first semester of 2012 to 24.9 percent in same period of 2013, which translates to 2.5 million Filipinos currently above the poverty line.

He also cited the investment grades received by the country from three international credit rating agencies due to its continuing economic growth.

President Aquino added the government made great strides in its campaign against unemployment with the creation of 1.65 million jobs from April 2013 to April 2014.

“These figures prove that the government’s push for inclusive growth works and we need to sustain it in the coming years through the enactment of laws that will further benefit the people,” said Aquino.

As part of his contribution to the inclusive growth drive, Aquino said he would push for the passage of his measures pushing for growth of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), such as the Poverty Reduction through Social Entrepreneurship (PRESENT) Bill, Youth Entrepreneurship Bill, Microfinance NGOs Bill, Credit Surety Fund Bill and among others.

“I expect the Senate to buckle down to work on the inclusive growth agenda for progress to be experienced by every Filipino family,” Aquino said.


Photo source:  PNoy Official Facebook page


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