People Power Anniversary

Sen. Bam: Like EDSA, May elections give Filipinos chance to fight for future, welfare of families

While the 1986 EDSA Revolution paved the way for millions of Filipinos to fight for the future of their families, the May elections will give voters a chance to advance the welfare of their loved ones through the ballot, according to Sen. Bam Aquino.

“Milyun-milyong Pilipino noon ang dumagsa sa EDSA alang-alang sa kinabukasan ng kanilang pamilya,” said Sen. Bam, referring to the EDSA People Power 1 revolution that happened 33 years ago today and toppled the dictator.

“Ngayon, milyun-milyong Pilipino ang boboto sa Mayo. Sana, gaya ng dati, ang batayan ng taumbayan ay ang kinabukasan ng kanilang pamilya,” added Sen. Bam, who is seeking re-election under the Otso Diretso slate.

Instead of using popularity as basis for voting, Sen. Bam said Filipinos should pick candidates who will help improve their lives and push for the welfare of their families.

“Gawin nating sukatan ang track record at iba pang magagawa ng mga kandidato para sa atin at sa ating mga pamilya, hindi dahil matunog ang kanilang pangalan,” said Sen. Bam.

Sen. Bam is confident that his track record in his first term will convince voters to give him a fresh six-year mandate in the Senate.

In his almost six years as lawmaker, Sen. Bam worked for the passage of 40 laws, including the landmark free college law, which he pushed as principal sponsor during his term as chairman of the Committee on Education in the 17th Congress.

Sen. Bam fulfilled his 2013 campaign promise to help boost micro, small and medium enterprises by pushing for the passage of the Go Negosyo Act.

The first law passed by Sen. Bam, the Go Negosyo Act has established more than 1,000 Negosyo Centers in different parts of the country, serving Filipinos who want to start or expand their own business.

Sen. Bam has committed to push measures that will ensure good jobs for all college and K-12 graduates and other educational reforms such as improvement of educational facilities and additional benefits for teachers.

Sen. Bam: People Power via ballot needed against corruption

Thirty three years after a corrupt dictator was ousted, Sen. Bam Aquino stressed that another People Power is needed, this time through the ballot, to ensure that no corrupt candidate will be elected to the Senate.

“Kailangang ng People Power sa balota para walang magnanakaw na maluluklok sa posisyon,” Sen. Bam as the country commemorates the 33rd anniversary of EDSA People Power 1 that toppled a corrupt dictator.

“Ang laban ng EDSA noong 1986 ay laban sa mga magnanakaw—mga magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan, magnanakaw ng buhay at karapatan, magnanakaw ng magandang kinabukasan sa mahigit dalawang dekadang pamumuno ng diktador,” added Sen. Bam.

Sen. Bam said the spirit of EDSA 1 should be rekindled amid the corruption issues hounding the government despite the administration’s promise to stay away from officials with even a ‘whiff of corruption’.

“Hindi pa tapos ang laban ng EDSA dahil hindi pa tumitigil ang mga pagnanakaw. Kailangang buhayin ngayong 2019 ang People Power para labanan ang mga magnanakaw para gumanda ang kinabukasan at di na tayo bumalik sa dating kadiliman,” the senator added.

Earlier, Sen. Bam called on voters looking for better governance to air their sentiment by selecting right candidates in the May elections.

The senator is optimistic that voters will elect senatorial candidates who have the people’s welfare in mind and will work to uplift the lives of Filipino families.

“Magsisilbing boses ng taumbayan ang kanilang mga boto sa Mayo. Tiwala ako na pipiliin nila ang mga kandidatong magsusulong ng kanilang kapakanan,” said Sen. Bam, who is eyeing a second term under the Otso Diretso slate.

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