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Sen Bam: Destabilization, disorder do not benefit the country

A senator called on members of government to work together for political stability in the country, despite differences in opinion and political color, as political uncertainty will not benefit the country.

 “While we disagree with some policies of the administration, ayaw naming magkagulo ang Pilipinas. Destabilization and political uncertainty are not good for anyone,” Sen. Bam Aquino pointed out.

Sen. Bam urged President Duterte not to equate dissent to destabilization, saying that speaking from the heart about political issues and even expressing outrage does not signify an intent to destabilize.

At the same time, Sen. Bam called upon the government to respect the various voices and opinions on contentious policies like the war on drugs.

“Hayaan nating maglabas ng saloobin ang taumbayan sa mga nakikita nilang tama o mali sa pamahalaan. Ito’y bahagi ng demokrasya na ating tinatamasa ngayon at hindi dapat ituring ng pamahalaan bilang destabilisasyon,” said Sen. Bam.

 Sen. Bam also warned that the establishment of a revolutionary government may only lead to increased political instability, a fragile democracy, and a weaker economy.

“Destabilization and threats of a revolutionary government will only weaken our democracy, our economy, and our fight against poverty,” Sen. Bam stressed.

“We hope the President Duterte can promote political stability by avoiding threats of establishing a revolutionary government, especially when the Armed Forces already stated that there are no destabilization plots,” added the lawmaker.

Sen. Bam also urged members of government to rise above the politics and work together on reforms that can help to uplift the lives of Filipinos, such as education, health care and economic growth.

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