sbn 174

Senate Bill No. 174: End ENDO Act

Over the past decade, the Philippines has been experiencing GDP gains and exponential economic growth. However, the unemployment and underemployment rates remain high.

There are almost a million new jobseekers that enter the labor force each year and, sadly, employment opportunities are simply not enough to absorb them. Worse, with many skilled and experienced employees agreeing to entry-level jobs just to have a steady source of income, first-time jobseekers with limited or low-level skills are left with no job opportunities.

 This is where contractors and subcontractors help job seekers in skills-building, particularly in developing occupational skills that match industry demand. Contractors and subcontractors also help employees in upgrading existing skills, learning new skills and opening up more opportunities for them.

 On the other end, contractors and subcontractors also help employers and companies expand their businesses with minimal costs and freedom to focus on their core business. Consequently, when these businesses expand, more jobs are created.

 Seeing the impact of this flexibility, the government and contractors/subcontractors must work together to establish a framework, filling the gaps in current industry practices and protecting both employers and employees.






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