Senate Resolution No. 158

Sen. Bam supports building economic ties with China

Senator Bam Aquino welcomed President Duterte’s decision to engage in economic ties with China, saying the government “must choose only what’s best for our country”, especially in providing jobs and livelihood to Filipinos.

“Kung ano ang pinakamainam at pinakamaganda sa ating bansa, iyon po ang i-explore natin. That is why I’m supportive of the moves to get more investments from China,” Sen. Bam said during a radio interview.

 “I don’t think na ibig sabihin ng pagkuha ng investments sa China ay may aawayin tayo na ibang bansa o ibang rehiyon gaya ng European Union,” the senator stressed.

“Hindi naman ho ibig sabihin na kung kaibigan natin ang China, kaaway natin ang Amerika. Kahit naman po ang Amerika at China ay may trade deals at pakikitungo sa isa’t-isa,” added Sen. Bam.

While Duterte’s push for an independent foreign policy is constitutional, Sen. Bam believes that it should not lead to burning bridges with current allies, led by the United States and EU.

 “We cannot cut ties with them dahil maraming Pilipino ang nakatira at nagtatrabaho doon at marami rin silang mga investment dito,” said Sen. Bam.

Earlier, Sen. Bam filed Senate Resolution No. 158, urging the government to clarify the country’s stand on different foreign policy issue.

 Sen. Bam made the move due to contradicting statements given by President Duterte and other government officials on different foreign policy issues.

Sen. Bam has been working to provide jobs, livelihood and education to more Filipinos as chairman of the Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship in the 16th Congress and head of the Committee on Education in the 17th Congress.

Bam: Clear policy essential to country’s economic development

A senator urged the government to lay down a clear foreign policy direction, saying it is essential to the economy and the country’s development as a nation.

 Sen. Bam Aquino has filed Senate Resolution No. 158, urging the government to clarify the country’s stand on different foreign policy issues amid varying statements by President Duterte and other administration officials.

 ​​“Given recent statements coming from the President and senior government officials, there is a need to clarify government’s position and engagements with its neighbors and allies,” Sen. Bam emphasized.

 ​​“This is to assure the Filipino public and international community that we are pursuing a clear and coherent foreign policy that is most beneficial to the country,” he added.

 Sen. Bam saw the need for clarification after contrasting claims by several government officials on different foreign policy issues​, such as our joint maritime patrols and ​​the stationed American troops in Mindanao.​

 “I hope we can clear up these conflicting statements soon so that our strategies to protect our territory and develop our economy are aligned with the administration,” Sen. Bam stressed.

 As provided in Article 2, Section 7 of the 1987 Constitution, Sen. Bam said a clear strategic foreign policy is integral to the country’s development.

 “Our relations with members of the international community have bearing on our ability to protect our territory and environment, develop our economy, and promote the welfare and well-being of our citizens,” Sen. Bam stressed.


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