Working 37th birthday for Sen. Bam

It will be a working birthday for Senator Bam Aquino, who is expected to submit three committee reports and file seven key bills as he turns 37 today (May 7).

“The welfare of the country and fellow Filipinos should be prioritized above anything else,” said Aquino, the youngest senator in the 16th Congress.

As chairman of the Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship and the Committee on Youth, the senator will deliver a sponsorship speech for the Poverty Reduction through Social Enterprise (PRESENT), Youth Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy and Philippine Lemon Law on Motor Vehicles bills.

Seven other measures – the Community Disaster Warehouse Bill, Coastal Mangrove Planting Bill, BEI-Election Service Reform Bill, Philippine Big Data Center Bill and the Cooperatives Officer Bill, Credit Surety Fund Bill and Start Up Business Bill – are also expected to be filed today.

“We should work hard to get them out of poverty and find commonalities that will benefit most, if not all, Filipinos. This is one way of thanking them for their trust and confidence,” Aquino emphasized.

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