Bam: Ensure full implementation of Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act

With the graduation season coming up, a senator called for the strict implementation of the Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act to ensure fair treatment and opportunities for everyone.

 “Mauuwi lang sa wala ang layunin ng batas na ito kung hindi lang ito maipatutupad nang husto,” said Sen. Bam Aquino, a co-author of the measure in the Senate during the 16th Congress.

“With graduation season coming up, more Filipinos, young and old, will be competing for available jobs. Let’s ensure that there is equal opportunity for all,” added Sen. Bam.

Republic Act 10911 or the Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act seeks to promote equality in the workplace by mandating companies –including national and local government, contractors and organizations — to hire workers based on their competence, and not on their age.

The law prohibits printing or publishing any notice of advertisement relating to employment suggesting preferences, limitations, specifications, and discrimination based on age

 It also prohibits job applicants to declare their age during the hiring process and other acts such as declining an applicant, providing less compensation and benefits and denying promotions or training opportunities.

Republic Act 10911 also outlaws forced dismissal of older age workers, imposing early retirement and reducing wage of all employees to comply with RA 10911.

According to Sen. Bam, violators will be fined between P50,000 and P500,000, and will be imprisoned from 3 months to two years, at the court’s discretion.

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