Bam finds inconsistency in Al Argosino’s statements

Sen. Bam Aquino found a major inconsistency in former Bureau of Immigration (BI) deputy commissioner Al Argosino’s statement during the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing on the P50-million bribery scandal involving two dismissed BI deputy commissioners.

Initially, Argosino testified that he only informed Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre about the P50-million bribe money on Dec. 13.

Upon questioning by Sen. Bam, it was discovered that Argosino already discussed the bribery incident with Aguirre on Dec. 9 but he didn’t mention the amount and that the money was in his possession.

“On December 9, you had discussed with Sec. Aguirre what had happened. Nabanggit na may pera pero hindi mo sinabi kung magkano? Sen. Bam asked Argosino, to which the latter replied “along that line, your honor”.

 Argosino admitted that it was only on December 13 when he informed Aguirre about the P50 million he received from Lam.

 Aguirre confirmed Argosino’s statement, saying that on the night of December 9, they were not talking about money but only about the supposed bribery.

 Earlier, Argosino admitted to Sen. Bam that he waited 17 days before informing Immigration commissioner Jaime Morente that he accepted P50 million from Lam.

 Argosino told Sen. Bam that he only informed Morente of the bribe money when they filed charges against Lam, Wally Sombero and former BI intelligence chief Charles Calima on December 13.

 “At what point niyo po sinabi sa inyong direct superior si Commissioner Morente na may perang lumipat sa yo? Hindi mo siya sinabihan?” Sen. Bam asked Argosino.

 “December 13, your Honor,” replied Argosino.

“Ilang araw iyon? More than two weeks. 17 days. Hindi mo sinabihan yung boss mo na may ganung kalaki na pera na na sa iyo. Why not? Bakit di mo siya sinabihan?” Sen. Bam said.

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