JOINT STATEMENT: Lower House plan to show video is illegal: De Lima’s fellow Liberal Party Senators

We vehemently oppose the plan of the House of Representatives to show the alleged videos as disrespectful, deplorable, and illegal.

Regardless of the authenticity of the alleged videos, viewing it is disrespectful to a sitting senator, to her person, and to the office she holds, and is violative of the law.

The following laws may apply:

– Anti-Voyeurism Law (RA 9995) prohibits the recording or broadcast of videos of a sexual act, among others, with or without the consent of the persons featured in the material. Such recordings are also inadmissible even in legislative hearings.

– Anti Wiretapping Law (RA 4200) prohibits and penalizes the playing of recordings of any private communication without the consent of those involved. Such recordings are also inadmissible as evidence even in legislative hearings.

– Revised Penal Code on Crimes against Honor:

* Slander by Deed which is by performing an act intended to cast dishonor, disrespect, or contempt upon a person, OR

* Incriminatory machinations which may either be:
(i) Incriminating an innocent person in the commission of a crime by planting evidence;
(ii) Intriguing against honor by resorting to any scheme, plot, design, but not by direct spoken words, to destroy the reputation of another.

We appeal to the members of House of Representatives to be more circumspect of our larger roles as legislators: safekeepers of governance traditions and examples to our children.

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