Sen. Bam: Improve employability, address underemployment by passing job placement bill

As way of providing livelihood for Filipinos amid the high prices of food and other goods, Sen. Bam Aquino has renewed his push for the enactment of his measure that seeks to establish job placement offices in public high schools and state universities and colleges (SUCs).

Dubbed as Trabaho Center in Schools Act, Sen. Bam’s Senate Bill No. 1278 aims to establish a job placement office in every public high school, college and university in the country.

“Ang diploma hindi pwedeng nakasabit lang sa dingding, dapat nagiging trabaho,” said Sen. Bam, principal sponsor of the law granting free college.

“Kailangan ang panukalang ito para makatulong sa pamilyang Pilipino na nalulunod sa taas presyo. Kailangan madagdagan ang budget ng pamilya na panggastos sa araw-araw,” added Sen. Bam.

Sen. Bam added that the measure, if passed into law, will help address unemployment and underemployment, which currently stands at 2.36 million and 9.8 million Filipinos, respectively.

Under the measure, a job placement office must provide industry matching, career counseling, and employment facilitation, according to Sen. Bam.

They will also address the skills mismatch and ensure employability of students upon graduation by using feedback from employers to better develop the school’s curriculum and training programs.

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