Speech of Sen. Bam during the IP peering MOA signing ceremony

We’ve been talking about this for nine months. Actually, it might even be a little longer than that. 

To be frank, the first time I had these gentlemen visit me in the Senate was, I think, more than a year ago. But, I’m truly happy that we finally came to this deal. 

Maraming salamat and I truly hope that this will be one of more milestones that we can put under our belts in terms of really increasing the speed, quality and access of internet in the Philippines. 

You know, a lot of people say, “You’re giving the telcos a hard time!” But I don’t think it’s really giving you a hard time. I’d like to think that the atmosphere that we create is one where we can collaborate and work together. 

And If we have the goal in mind, which is really improving the quality, access and service to our people, then I think it’s a direction where all of us – whether you’re competitors, you’re in government, you’re in the private sector — it’s a place where we can all move towards. 

Again, thank you for the meeting of the minds that happened. 

There was a negotiating team, I heard. So congratulations to the negotiating team. 

Iyong nakita kong negotiating team this morning was NDF and Philippine Government. Mas madugo ang negotiating na nangyari. But all of these agreements are being signed and this IP peering agreement is akin to that. 

I am very, very elated with these developments. I know that this will be the first of many more steps to improve the quality of internet in our country.

Maraming salamat and congratulations!


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